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  • Yookidoo - Play 'N' Nap Gymotion Yookidoo - Play 'N' Nap Gymotion

    Yookidoo Yookidoo - Play 'N' Nap Gymotion

    Ensure optimal balance between play time and nap time with the innovative, multifunctional activity gym and integrated safe and cozy envelope blanket. From adventure to naptime, this 3-in-1 playmat has baby covered. The activity gym will stimulate and entertain from early months through tummy time, and the soft, cuddly, extra-padded mat is perfect for a nap under the attached envelope blanket.

    KSh. 10,549.00

  • Yookidoo - Shape 'N' Spin Gear Sorter Yookidoo - Shape 'N' Spin Gear Sorter

    Yookidoo Yookidoo - Shape 'N' Spin Gear Sorter

    An innovative sort, shape and spin sorter for kids. Yookidoo Shape ‘N’ Spin Gear Sorter is a must have for every toddler. Development through play and fun. An excellent game to introduce your child to problem solving and teach them cause & effect, while developing their visual thinking, hand - eye coordination and fine motor skills. Stem based learning. Enhances STEM based learning through sorting, matching, designing and putting physics into play with the spinning gear movement. Multiple layouts. Flexible base enables multiple layouts and shapes: shape as a row, a snake, triangle, square or a circle - the gear reaction will always work, regardless of the layout! This is an ideal toy for kids ages 1 to 3. You can add Yookidoo’s Spin 'N' Sort Spout Pro bath toy to celebrate discovery in the bath too.

    KSh. 2,099.00


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