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Role & Pretend Play Toys

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  • Generic - Toy Camera Toy Camera

    Generic Generic - Toy Camera

    SAY CHEESE! Cool toy first camera for your little one. wooden camera toy. Through the lens, the child can see the world from different angles.

    KSh. 1,699.00

  • Generic - Portable Doctor's Case

    Generic Generic - Portable Doctor's Case

    Your little one can practice being a doctor of the future using this doctor's case. That sounds like a fun and educational toy for a child! Playing doctor can help develop a child's imagination, empathy, and problem-solving skills. If you have any specific questions or need more information about this doctor's case or any other toys or topics related to children, feel free to ask.

    KSh. 1,299.00

  • Learning Resources - Primary Science® Binoculars Learning Resources - Primary

    Learning Resources Learning Resources - Primary Science® Binoculars

    Help kids get familiarized with the concept of magnification as they explore the world around them from a distance. These easy-to-use binoculars feature a focus knob, soft rubber eyepieces, and a breakaway lanyard. These simple binoculars are the ideal gift for any little explorer. 

    KSh. 3,799.00

  • LeapFrog - Chat and Count Emoji Phone - White - Multi color Chat and Count Emoji Phone

    LeapFrog LeapFrog - Chat and Count Emoji Phone - White - Multi color

    Pick up the phone, it's Scout! Talk about counting, listen to songs about phone manners and hear voicemail messages on this colourful toy smartphone. Watch Scout's cute videos and learn all about his day. React to his videos by adding emojis just like on social media sites. Two games are also included for more on-the-go excitement. Fun is just a phone call away!

    KSh. 8,449.00

  • Theo Klein - Pizza Shop Theo Klein - Pizza Shop

    Klein Toys Theo Klein - Pizza Shop

    Theo Klein Pizza Shop Premium Toys suitable for children aged 3+.  

    KSh. 8,799.00

  • Playgro - Fun Sounds Hammer Baby's First Tool Toy

    Playgro Playgro - Fun Sounds Hammer

    Hammer, Hammer, Hammer! For the sound seekers, this fun sounds hammer has four silly sounds with music and flashing lights. With a soft tip, this hammer is safely measured and can provide your baby with lots of noisy fun without damaging surfaces! 

    KSh. 1,149.00

  • DIY Beading Set Do-It-Yourself Beading Kit

    Generic DIY Beading Set

    This beaded suit is very suitable for all kinds of jewellery making (bracelets, earrings, necklace, rings), DIY handicrafts, key chains and other crafts, adults and children over 6 years old can make.

    KSh. 1,199.00

  • Generic - Toy Kitchen Set Toy Kitchen Set

    Generic Generic - Toy Kitchen Set

    Here, young, up-and-coming confectioners can really let off steam! And afterwards, friends, siblings, dolls and parents are invited to the cozy dining table.

    KSh. 1,699.00

  • Generic - Wooden Computing Frame Wooden Computing Frame

    Generic Generic - Wooden Computing Frame

    Your child can use the wooden toy to learn numbers letters, and the clock all at once. Wooden toys like the one you mentioned can be excellent educational tools for children. They can help with learning numbers, letters, and even introduce concepts like telling time through the clock feature. It's a multifunctional and engaging way for children to develop various skills while having fun with a single toy.

    KSh. 1,099.00

  • Generic - Wooden Fruit Cutting Toy Wooden Fruit Cutting Toy

    Generic Generic - Wooden Fruit Cutting Toy

    Your child can use the wooden knife to cut up the fruits/veggies and count all the pieces, then you can talk together about cutting different vegetables and fruits in half or thirds and learn to share.  

    KSh. 1,099.00

  • Learning Resources - Pretend, Play® Cooking Set Learning Resources - Pretend

    Learning Resources Learning Resources - Pretend, Play® Cooking Set

    Inspire the future chefs in your life with this set of pretend kitchen tools designed like the ones the pros use!

    KSh. 4,849.00

  • Learning Resources - Pretend ,Play® Doctor Set Learning Resources - Pretend

    Learning Resources Learning Resources - Pretend ,Play® Doctor Set

    Encourage kids to explore caring for others through imaginative play with this customizable doctor’s coat and stethoscope. Great for building early vocabulary. Kid-friendly snaps make the coat easy to put on and take off. Fits most children ages 3–6. Includes write-and-wipe nametag. 

    KSh. 7,749.00

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Role Pretend Play Toys in Kenya

Welcome to our imaginative collection of pretend play and role play toys at The Bassinet! We understand the importance of fostering creativity and social development through interactive play. Explore our thoughtfully curated selection of high-quality and engaging toys, designed to spark imagination and encourage storytelling for children of all ages.

Our Collection Includes:

Immersive Role Play Sets: Step into the world of make-believe with our immersive role play sets that allow children to explore various professions and scenarios. From doctor and chef sets to firefighter and explorer kits, our collection offers a diverse range of options that encourage storytelling and social interaction, nurturing a sense of empathy and creativity in young minds.

Interactive Pretend Play Toys: Encourage open-ended play with our interactive pretend play toys that stimulate imagination and problem-solving skills. From play kitchen sets to tool kits and dollhouses, our collection offers a variety of options that promote cognitive development and encourage children to explore the realms of everyday life in a fun and educational way.

Why Choose Us:

  • Quality and Durability: Our pretend play and role play toys are made from durable materials, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment and immersive play experiences for your child.
  • Promotion of Social Skills: We prioritize toys that promote social interaction and communication, helping children develop essential social skills and empathy through cooperative play.
  • Stimulation of Creativity: Our collection encourages creative thinking and imaginative play, allowing children to express themselves and explore the world around them through engaging and interactive storytelling.
  • Convenient Online Shopping: With our user-friendly online platform and secure payment options, finding the perfect pretend play and role play toys for your child is a convenient and stress-free experience.

Explore our collection today and watch your child's imagination come to life through the wonders of pretend play and role play experiences!

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