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  • LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe for Kids

    LeapFrog LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe

    World Geography Globe for Kids Go beyond countries and their capitals with this interactive talking globe; explore cultures, animals, habitats, and more through 5+ hours of BBC videos. Educational: This world globe with a stand and stylus lets you hear thousands of facts, interact with unique games, and trigger videos to visually experience Earth. Illuminated LCD Screen: This globe features a 2.7 LCD screen that displays video and animations with playful characters that help guide children through games and activities. Interactive Map For Kids: Race around the world, discover new places, and solve mysteries by answering quiz questions in three entertaining & interactive games.  

    KSh. 16,049.00

  • Yookidoo - Shape 'N' Spin Gear Sorter Yookidoo - Shape 'N' Spin Gear Sorter

    Yookidoo Yookidoo - Shape 'N' Spin Gear Sorter

    An innovative sort, shape and spin sorter for kids. Yookidoo Shape ‘N’ Spin Gear Sorter is a must have for every toddler. Development through play and fun. An excellent game to introduce your child to problem solving and teach them cause & effect, while developing their visual thinking, hand - eye coordination and fine motor skills. Stem based learning. Enhances STEM based learning through sorting, matching, designing and putting physics into play with the spinning gear movement. Multiple layouts. Flexible base enables multiple layouts and shapes: shape as a row, a snake, triangle, square or a circle - the gear reaction will always work, regardless of the layout! This is an ideal toy for kids ages 1 to 3. You can add Yookidoo’s Spin 'N' Sort Spout Pro bath toy to celebrate discovery in the bath too.

    KSh. 2,099.00

  • Generic - Wooden Frog Clock Wooden Frog Clock

    Generic Generic - Wooden Frog Clock

    A wooden clock for your little ones' room - best as a birthday gift. A wooden clock can indeed make a wonderful birthday gift for little ones. It serves both a functional and decorative purpose in their room. When selecting a wooden clock as a gift, you might consider factors like the design, size, and any additional educational features it may have, such as numbers and hands that are easy for kids to read and understand.

    KSh. 1,099.00

  • Learning Resources - Veggie Farm Sorting Set Learning Resources Veggie Farm Sorting Educational Toy for Kids

    Learning Resources Learning Resources - Veggie Farm Sorting Set

    What’s growing in our garden? New learning! Your kids can grow their own skills and abilities in the playful fields of the Veggie Farm Sorting Set from Learning Resources. This engaging playset encourages the development of colour recognition, matching, sorting, and early counting skills against the backdrop of a friendly farm. Realistic plastic vegetable figures come in five vibrant colours and represent popular veggies including broccoli, corn, onions, pumpkins, and more. Aside from learning new veggie vocabulary, kids can use these figures, along with the included bushel baskets and soft foam playmat, to work on other real-world skills. Sort the veggies by colour, count out each type of vegetable, or match the colours and shapes to the ones depicted on the playmat’s farm signs. The Veggie Farm Sorting Set is a snap to clean and folds up into a convenient carrying case for post-playtime storage or on-the-go play. Ages 3+.

    KSh. 7,299.00

  • Learning Resources - Hot Dots® Let's Learn! Phonics Hot Dots® Let's Learn! Phonics

    Learning Resources Learning Resources - Hot Dots® Let's Learn! Phonics

    Give children a thorough foundation in reading and writing with Jolly Phonics and the self-checking Hot Dots system. Children select an answer against the multiple choice questions with the Talking Pen The pen shows a green or red light for immediate feedback Pens can also be set to an audio setting or fun sound effects - or both for extra reinforcement Includes three books and one Talking Hot Dots Pen Books are perfect for independent learning reinforcement The three books promote the following phonics areas; ◦Letter Sounds ◦First Words ◦Vowel Sounds Activties feature colourful illustrations of familiar characters from the Jolly Phonics framework Each book includes 64 activities on 32 double-sided pages Books are spiral-bound to make learning easy Books measure 20cm W x 13cm H

    KSh. 6,949.00

  • LeapFrog - Learn & Groove Rainbow Piano LeapFrog Rainbow Piano for Creative Play

    LeapFrog LeapFrog - Learn & Groove Rainbow Piano

    Create a musical light show with the Learn and Groove® Rainbow Lights Piano™. Play the rainbow by pressing the piano keys to light up the cloud face in a variety of colours. The keys teach colours and numbers 1-8 in English and Spanish. Two games ask kids to find specific numbers and colours. Twist the dial to choose different instrument sounds and playful sound effects. Turn the sheet music page to hear learning songs to the tunes Old MacDonald and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Budding musicians can follow along with the sheet music in the attached four-page book to play the songs on their own. Press the music button to hear 17 melodies including favourite kids’ songs and classical music accompanied by a rainbow light show.

    KSh. 5,699.00

  • LeapFrog - Leapstart Interactive Learning System - Pink LeapFrog Pink Interactive Learning Tool for Kids

    LeapFrog LeapFrog - Leapstart Interactive Learning System - Pink

    Interactive whole child learning system designed to help kids build key skills and get them ready for their next step in learning. Redesigned stylus is designed to be comfortable for kids all ages and promotes proper pen grip. The magic behind Leap Start is a stylus that reads invisible dots on every page triggering engaging audio like questions, challenges, songs, jokes and more to teach school and life skills. Every activity is designed to be played again and again and most include two levels so that kids can play and learn at the right level and move up when they're ready. 400+ activities across a library of 32 books featuring favorite characters (sold separately), teach kids ages 2 to 7 key skills including math, learning to read, critical thinking and creativity. Interactive whole child learning system designed to help kids build key skills and get them ready for their next step in learning.

    KSh. 9,899.00

  • LeapFrog - Interactive Wooden Animal  Puzzle LeapFrog Interactive Wooden Animal Puzzle

    LeapFrog LeapFrog - Interactive Wooden Animal Puzzle

    Match six animal puzzle pieces by shape and color border; interactive puzzle responds with learning phrases when pieces are placed or removed. Four play modes teach animal names, colors, numbers and objects in English and Spanish along with animal sounds and music. Answer questions and find hidden objects to reinforce learning as you play with the puzzle. This product is made with 100% FSC-certified wood that comes from well-managed forests. The plastic used to make is product is 90% reclaimed. Intended for ages 2+ years; requires 3 AAA batteries; batteries included for demo purposes only; new batteries recommended for regular use. 

    KSh. 4,799.00

  • LeapFrog - Alphapup - Green Green Alphapup Learning Toy for Kids

    LeapFrog LeapFrog - Alphapup - Green

    Walk your way to letter learning fun! Sing the ABCs as you walk along with your lovable puppy pal and press colourful buttons to hear letter sounds and fun doggie phrases.

    KSh. 7,199.00

  • Generic - Wooden Computing Frame Wooden Computing Frame

    Generic Generic - Wooden Computing Frame

    Your child can use the wooden toy to learn numbers letters, and the clock all at once. Wooden toys like the one you mentioned can be excellent educational tools for children. They can help with learning numbers, letters, and even introduce concepts like telling time through the clock feature. It's a multifunctional and engaging way for children to develop various skills while having fun with a single toy.

    KSh. 1,099.00

  • Generic - Spelling Game Wooden Educational Wooden Spelling Game

    Generic Generic - Spelling Game Wooden

    Let your child spell out the names of people or animals or toys with this letter set. Using a letter set to spell out names of people, animals, or toys is a great way to enhance a child's literacy skills and creativity. It can be a fun and educational activity for children. If you have any specific questions or need recommendations for letter sets or related activities.  

    KSh. 999.00

  • Matching Letter Literacy - Game Letter Literacy - Game

    Generic Matching Letter Literacy - Game

    Let your child spell out the names of people or animals or toys with this letter set.  

    KSh. 999.00

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