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  • Learning Resources - Playfoam® Classic - 4 Pack Educational Playfoam Set of 4 for Children

    Learning Resources Learning Resources - Playfoam® Classic - 4 Pack

    Playfoam® offers kids loads of fun with no mess to clean up afterwards! Just squish the Playfoam up, shape it however you like, squash it back down, and start all over again. Playfoam® never dries out so the creativity never ends-and the secret no-stick formula means you can take it anywhere for creative fun on the go.

    KSh. 999.00

  • Plus-Plus - Learn to Build ABC & 123 Plus-Plus Learn to Build ABC & 123 - educational construction set

    Plus-Plus Plus-Plus - Learn to Build ABC & 123

    Learn to Build ABC & 123 is the ultimate educational set for kids to play while learning. This set comes with 600 Plus-Plus and 40 double-sided flash cards. The cards have all the letters in the alphabet, A-Z and special letters as well as 0-9 numbers. Plus-Plus is a creative construction toy for hours of play. Kids – both girls and boys and their parents find joy in using their imagination to create colourful 2D puzzles and mosaics or build 3D creations together. A perfect educational STEM toy that stimulates fine motor skills, creativity, focus and patience! Plus-Plus.

    KSh. 4,349.00

  • Plus-Plus - Jewelry - 220 Pcs Plus-Plus Jewelry Set - 220 pieces for creative designs

    Plus-Plus Plus-Plus - Jewelry - 220 Pcs

    This set contains 220 pieces as well as instructions to make beautiful jewellery in Gold, Pink and Purple Glitter colours among others. Get creative and build your own with Plus-Plus.

    KSh. 1,199.00

  • Learning Resources - Colour by Playfoam® - Unicorn  Colour by Playfoam® - Unicorn

    Learning Resources Learning Resources - Colour by Playfoam® - Unicorn

    Make your own mystical unicorn-themed art Use the included Playfoam and Squisher Tool to make a squishy squashy masterpiece – then scoop the Playfoam out and recreate the dragon with a different colour scheme.

    KSh. 2,149.00

  • DIY Beading Set Do-It-Yourself Beading Kit

    Generic DIY Beading Set

    This beaded suit is very suitable for all kinds of jewellery making (bracelets, earrings, necklace, rings), DIY handicrafts, key chains and other crafts, adults and children over 6 years old can make.

    KSh. 1,199.00

  • Learning Resources - Playfoam Glow In The Dark  - 4 Pack Learning Resources - Playfoam

    Learning Resources Learning Resources - Playfoam Glow In The Dark - 4 Pack

    Glow-in-the-Dark Playfoam is a sensory sensation that never dries out. Simply turn the light off and see your creations glow! This Learning Resources award-winning product helps develop fine motor skills for little hands. The non-toxic formula makes this best-selling Playfoam great for safe creative play.  

    KSh. 999.00

  • Learning Resources - Playfoam® Classic - 4 Pack Playfoam® Classic - 4 Pack

    Learning Resources Learning Resources - Playfoam® Classic - 4 Pack

    Playfoam is an award-winning sensory play toy. The bead-like structure can be sculpted and squeezed into shape. Playfoam can be used straight from the packaging, only sticks to itself and never dries out. It offers countless hours of creative play fun. Sculpt shapes and objects using sparkle orange, green, yellow and pink, or smush all the colours together to create a mega sparkly ball. Children simply shape it into anything in their imagination before squashing it down and starting all over again. 

    KSh. 999.00

  • Playdoh - Glue Stick Play-Doh Jumbo 40 gram

    Play-Doh Playdoh - Glue Stick

    Play-Doh Jumbo 40 gram (1.4 oz) Glue Stick. Fast Drying. Best for Bonding Paper, Cardboard, and Fabric. Used for Artwork and School Projects, Ages 3 plus Glue Washes Easily from Hands, Clothing, and Hard Surfaces with Soap and Water.  

    KSh. 199.00

  • Playdoh - 12 Colours Big Watercolour - 28 mm Playdoh - 12 Colours Big Watercolour

    Play-Doh Playdoh - 12 Colours Big Watercolour - 28 mm

    Funskool brings to you this set of twelve playing doughs that will be a perfect pick for your kid. It will help him create things by putting his imaginative faculty to work. Besides, it is made of non-toxic material that makes it safe for your child to play with.

    KSh. 449.00

  • Playdoh - 12 Colours Half-Size Colour Pencil 12 Colours Half-Size Colour Pencil

    Play-Doh Playdoh - 12 Colours Half-Size Colour Pencil

    Get ready to draw with Play-Doh's range of Jumbo coloured pencils. Vivid and varied colours. This 12 vivid colour pencil box is a perfect box to test your colouring skills and one that you will enjoy using thanks to the strong tips of the colour pencils. Each pencil has a diameter of one centimetre and a tip thickness of 4 mm.

    KSh. 349.00

  • Playdoh - 6 Colours Felt-Tip Pen in PVC 2mm Playdoh - 6 Colours Felt-Tip Pen

    Play-Doh Playdoh - 6 Colours Felt-Tip Pen in PVC 2mm

    Drawing set that allows you to make countless drawings.Includes a box of 24 coloured pencils and a box of 24 felt-tip pens. With this drawing set, you will have hours of entertainment guaranteed. This drawing set is ideal as a gift for boys and girls. It is the perfect gift for Christmas, compliments or communion. Can be used in different places, school, outdoors and at home.The perfect activity for playing with family or friends. Ideal for developing imagination and creativity. The product combines tradition and creativity, is of optimal quality, is easy to use and is durable. Official Play-Doh product from the brand CYP brand

    KSh. 349.00

  • Playdoh - 12 Colours Crayon in Paper Box - 8mm Playdoh - 12 Colours Crayon in Paper Box

    Play-Doh Playdoh - 12 Colours Crayon in Paper Box - 8mm

    It’s an all-time favourite and a classic essential item for every little one’s art box, a pack of 12 Wax Play-Doh Crayons. They are reliable, easy-to-use drawing tools that are durable, long-lasting and provide hours of creative fun. Lively and bright colours. Easy to clean from hands and all surfaces. Comfortable and smooth drawing. Not suitable for body and fabric. It does not leave any parts of the paint when painting. Suitable for application on all kinds of paper. 

    KSh. 349.00

Exciting Arts and Crafts Kits for Kids in Kenya

Welcome to our vibrant collection of arts and crafts hobby kits at The Bassinet! We believe in nurturing the creative spirit of children and encouraging them to explore the depths of their imagination. Discover our diverse range of engaging arts and crafts kits, meticulously designed to inspire creativity and provide endless hours of artistic joy for your little ones.

Arts and Crafts Kits Collection Includes:

DIY Craft Kits: Dive into our selection of DIY craft kits that enable children to create personalized masterpieces. From DIY jewelry-making kits to DIY painting sets, our collection fosters a hands-on approach to creativity, allowing children to express themselves freely while honing their artistic skills.

Colorful Painting Supplies: Fuel your child's passion for painting with our assortment of vibrant painting supplies. From watercolors to acrylic paints, our painting supplies are carefully curated to provide children with the tools they need to bring their artistic visions to life, making every stroke a masterpiece.

Crafting Materials and Accessories: Explore our range of crafting materials and accessories that add flair to any artistic project. With a variety of colorful papers, glitter, beads, and more, our crafting materials are designed to inspire innovative creations and help your child explore the limitless possibilities of arts and crafts.

Why Choose Us:

  • Quality and Safety: Our arts and crafts kits are made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, ensuring a safe and enjoyable creative experience for your child.
  • Promotion of Imagination: We prioritize kits that encourage imaginative thinking and self-expression, fostering a sense of confidence and accomplishment in every young artist.
  • Educational and Fun: Our collection seamlessly combines fun and learning, allowing children to develop essential cognitive and motor skills while enjoying the artistic process.
  • Convenient Online Shopping: With our user-friendly online platform and secure payment options, finding the perfect arts and crafts kits for your child is convenient and stress-free.

Explore our collection today and watch your child's imagination soar to new creative heights!

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