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  • The Pregnancy and Baby Book by DK Publishers

    DK Publishers The Pregnancy and Baby Book by DK Publishers

    Celebrate the joy of having a baby and becoming a parent with The Pregnancy and Baby Book. Filled with facts and practical advice about pregnancy and birth through to childcare for the first three years, you’ll also find helpful information on bringing up baby number 2.  No matter how much time your busy parent-to-be schedule allows, you’ll be able to obtain all the essentials of pregnancy and childcare. Parental instincts and nesting, birthing, bathing and feeding are all covered in this pregnancy book. Addresses real concerns such as maternity wardrobe dilemmas, which risks are real and which aren’t, and “How do I know if something is wrong with my baby?” You’ll also find ideas on how to care for and entertain your baby once it arrives and how to adapt to life afterwards.Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for new parents-to-be or are searching for a comprehensive book for your own needs, The Pregnancy and Baby Book is guaranteed to bring joy on arrival.

    KSh. 2,499.00

  • Little Foodies Cookbook by Mama Muthoni

    Mama Muthoni Little Foodies Cookbook by Mama Muthoni

    A complementary feeding/ weaning cookbook that not only feeds your infant through purees or mash. It also helps you feed your infant via Baby Led weaning. It helps your curious new eater experience different foods and flavours through 150+ recipes. More than just a recipe book, Little Foodies has a wealth of knowledge on how to start feeding your infant whether you are using purees or baby-led weaning. It has information on breastfeeding after 6 months, allergies, etc,Other than being a book to feed your infant it has 120+ recipes that can be used as family recipes and also blended or mashed so you can feed your baby or give it to your self-feeding baby. Child Nutrition Practitioners, Certified Lactation Counselor and Mama removed the guesswork out of feeding your baby by offering; Over 150 recipes from puree, and finger foods to family foods Puree, Mash, finger food recipes Family recipes that can pureed or mashed Guidelines on how to introduce food, how to introduce high allergens, sugar etc 4 month day by day meal plan/ menu 20+ speedy meals that can be ready in 20 mins Lots of ideas on how to substitute if you don't have certain ingredients

    KSh. 2,599.00

  • The Happy Child  by Linda Blair

    Linda Blair The Happy Child by Linda Blair

    Parenting is probably the biggest challenge any of us will face, and yet nobody has delivered the perfect formula to us to help us out. Recognising this, clinical psychologist and parenting expert Linda Blair provides an easy-to-follow guide to parenting that is easily adaptable to individual circumstances. In this book, Blair divides childhood into three stages of development: infancy, preschool and starting school. She concentrates on your child’s psychological development and how to raise a happy, well-adjusted child, as well as providing practical advice and addressing common problems which may arise. This is a book which both provides parenting guidelines as well as encouraging parents to trust their own instincts, and above all does not underestimate the challenges parents face.

    KSh. 1,399.00

  • What to Expect Before You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff

    Heidi Murkoff What to Expect Before You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff

    Medical groups now recommend that all hopeful parents plan for baby-making at least three months before they begin trying. And who better to guide want-to-be mums and dads step-by-step through the preconception (and conception) process than Heidi Murkoff?It’s all here. Everything couples need to know before sperm and egg meet. Packed with the same kind of reassuring, empathic and practical information and advice that readers have come to expect from What to Expect, only sooner. Which baby-friendly foods to order up (say yes to yams) and which fertility-busters to avoid (see you later, saturated fat); lifestyle adjustments that you’ll want to make (cut back on cocktails and caffeine) and those you can probably skip (that switch to boxer shorts). How to pinpoint ovulation, keep on-demand sex sexy, and separate conception fact from myth. Plus, when to seek help and the latest on fertility treatments – from IVF to surrogacy and more. Complete with a fill-in fertility journal to keep track of the baby-making adventure and special tips throughout for hopeful dads.

    KSh. 1,549.00

  • Effective Parenting by Catherine Gachutha, PhD

    Catherine Gachutha, PhD Effective Parenting by Catherine Gachutha, PhD

    This book seeks to provide an awakening for parents, challenging them to move away from stereotypical parenting to intentional knowledge-based parenting. It aims at challenging parents to think about the ‘brands’ of children they want. The book’s clarion call is, ‘What shall it profit you to advance in your career and make a lot of money but lose your child?’ Many find themselves thrust into parenting unprepared and thus become candidates for challenged parenting. The book calls upon guardians and caregivers to practice evidence-based parenting.

    KSh. 999.00

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Welcome to The Bassinet's collection of parenting and pregnancy books! Parenthood is a journey filled with joy, challenges, and learning. Explore our handpicked selection of informative and insightful books, designed to provide guidance, support, and valuable knowledge to first-time moms and seasoned parents alike.

Our Collection Includes:

Essential Parenting Guides: Delve into our curated selection of essential parenting guides that cover a wide range of topics, from newborn care and sleep solutions to positive discipline and nurturing healthy relationships with your child. These books offer practical advice and expert tips to help navigate various stages of your child's growth.

Empowering Pregnancy Books for First-Time Moms: Prepare for the miraculous journey of pregnancy and motherhood with our empowering pregnancy books tailored for first-time moms. These books provide comprehensive information on prenatal care, childbirth, and adapting to the changes and challenges of becoming a new mom.

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  • Expert Guidance: Our collection features books authored by experts in the field of parenting and pregnancy, offering credible and trustworthy advice.
  • Comprehensive Content: Whether you seek guidance on newborn care or need support during pregnancy, our collection covers a wide spectrum of topics, catering to different parenting needs.
  • Real-Life Experiences: Many books in our collection incorporate real-life experiences, enabling you to learn from the stories and challenges shared by other parents.
  • Informative and Empowering: Gain valuable insights, tips, and tools to navigate the rewarding journey of parenthood and pregnancy with confidence and knowledge.

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