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Corner Protection

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  • Clippasafe - Corner Cushions - 4 Pack Clippasafe 4-Pack Corner Cushions

    Clippasafe Clippasafe - Corner Cushions - 4 Pack

    Sharp corners can always be a problem, especially when children are running around the home. If you want to have peace of mind when your child is playing in the house, Clippasafe Corner Cushions provide a simple, cost-effective solution. These soft, transparent, moulded protectors can be fitted to any corner to make sure that a little bump doesn't result in a big injury. They come complete with adhesive pads so they can be put to work straight away without any hassle.

    KSh. 899.00

Buy Corner Protection and Edge Protectors in Kenya

Welcome to The Bassinet's collection of corner protection and edge protectors! We understand the importance of creating a safe environment for your little one. Explore our carefully curated selection of high-quality and reliable corner protectors, designed to safeguard against bumps and bruises, ensuring your child's safety during playtime.

Our Collection Includes:

Durable Edge Protectors: Shield sharp edges and corners with our durable edge protectors. Made from soft and impact-absorbing materials, our collection offers a variety of options that provide an extra layer of safety around tables, countertops, and furniture edges, reducing the risk of accidental bumps and injuries.

Effective Corner Protection: Safeguard your child from sharp corners with our effective corner protection solutions. Designed to fit snugly over edges, our corner protectors offer cushioning and protection, creating a safer environment for your little explorer to play and explore without the worry of accidental collisions.

Why Choose Us:

  • Safety First: Our corner protection and edge protectors are crafted with safety as the top priority, ensuring a secure environment for your child to roam and play freely.
  • Quality and Reliability: We offer high-quality protectors that are durable and reliable, providing long-lasting protection against potential hazards in your home.
  • Easy Installation: Our protectors are easy to install and remove, allowing you to childproof your home effortlessly without causing damage to your furniture.
  • Versatile Solutions: With a range of options available, our collection caters to various furniture styles and sizes, ensuring comprehensive protection for your child.

Explore our collection today and provide your little one with a safe and secure environment to explore and play. Safeguard your home against potential hazards with our reliable corner protection and edge protectors, offering you peace of mind while your child enjoys their curious adventures.

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